About Us

Formed in 2012, the Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance is a non-profit coalition of local food producers, processors, distributors, institutional purchasers, restaurants, consumers and health related organizations dedicated to strengthening the local foods industry in Oklahoma and enhancing access to healthy, locally grown foods.

Through education and outreach initiatives with the general public, policy makers, and stakeholders in the local food supply chain, the Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance strives to fully integrate healthy, locally grown foods into the food system, whether it be at restaurants, schools, businesses, or farmers markets.

If you are a local food producer, concerned citizen or food-systems related organization, we invite you to join us! Alliance members span the state and have one thing in common: We all care about the quality and availability of locally produced food and the health of the local foods industry in Oklahoma.

Through our online searchable database and participation in the Buy Fresh Buy Local marketing initiative, the Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance helps consumers and food purchasers find local products while building relationships between growers, food artisans, farmers markets, retailers, restaurants and institutions.

Make a Donation and Join the Alliance today to show your support for local food in Oklahoma!

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